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Been in Business and at the Same Location, Since April 2010

Rhoades Well Traveled Ministry 
Bridging Faith and Community

Our Story
Rhoades Well Traveled Ministry, Cowboy’s Country Emporium, and Convalescent Connection have converged into a singular force—a ministry that transcends boundaries and embraces unity. Led by Reverend Danny Rhoades and his wife, Sister Emily C. Rhoades, our mission is to foster connections, uplift spirits, and serve our community.

The Journe y
Rhoades Well Traveled Ministry: Our spiritual journey begins here. As a Baptized Christian Ordained Minister affiliated with the Universal Life Church Ministries, Reverend Danny Rhoades guides us. We believe that faith is more than religion—it’s a personal relationship with God. Our ministry encourages individuals to rediscover their path and strengthen their connection with the divine.

CowBoy’s Country Emporium: Nestled along Hwy. 276 between Emory and Tawakoni, Texas, our charming country store, CowBoy’s Country Emporium, stands as a beacon. Operated by Miss Emily and Reverend Danny Rhoades, it’s more than a store—it’s a hub of community spirit.

Our Vision
Unity Across Religions: We celebrate diversity. Our ministry brings people of all faiths together, emphasizing shared values. Rather than dividing, we seek common ground. Whether you follow Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, or any other path, you’re welcome here.

Religious Freedom: We champion complete freedom of religion. Everyone deserves the right to practice their beliefs without hindrance. We stand against any religion that denies this fundamental freedom.

Children of the Same Universe: Beyond religious labels, we recognize our shared humanity. We are all children of the same universe, interconnected and interdependent.

Community Engagement
Donations: At CowBoy’s Country Emporium, we extend our hands to the community. We accept donations of usable items—things you no longer need but others might. From clothing to household goods, your excess possessions can bless someone else.

Food Donations: Hunger knows no boundaries. We welcome food donations to support those in need. Together, we alleviate hunger and nourish souls.

Monetary Contributions: Every dollar counts. Your monetary donations enable us to make a difference. Whether it’s aiding a struggling family or supporting a local cause, we channel these resources for the greater good.

Join Us
Rhoades Well Traveled Ministry invites you to walk this path with us. Let’s build bridges, break barriers, and create a community where love, compassion, and understanding prevail. Together, we’ll journey toward a brighter, more connected world.

Feel free to share this message on your website and let the spirit of unity resonate far and wide! 🌟🙏

Convalescent Connection: 
A Helping Hand in Recovery

Our Purpose

Convalescent Connection bridges the gap between those in need of medical equipment and convalescent items and those who have it. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness, we’re here to ease your journey.

What We Offer

Do you have any convalescent items or medical equipment that you no longer need?
Medical Equipment: From wheelchairs to knee scooters, potty chairs to walkers and more. Also, we connect you with the tools you need for a smoother recovery, such as adult diapers, pullups and bed pads and more. You can donate those items and equipment to us or leave us your phone number and then, we will give you their phone number, so we can connect you to someone in need of them.

Our Location
Address: 8800 State Hwy 276, Point, Texas 75472
Right in the middle of Emory and Tawakoni, on the corner of Hwy 276 and FM 2737

Contact Us
Phone: (903) 456-0553

Convalescent Connection

Your support makes a difference! Thank you for being part of our community. 

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